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Our Equipment

CNC milling machine

CNC frézka

CNC milling machine rebuilt from CNC drilling machine SVPS 2 CNC, made in Slovakia.

Now, machine has three controlled axes, drived by stepper motors from Pacific Scientific company.

For milling we use Protool spindle , for PCB drilling we have professional high frequency spindle Precise with automatic tool change.

SMD assembly machine

SMD osazovací automat Heeb HM60 SMD osazovací automat Heeb HM60

SMD assembly machine for low volume production. Its advantage is fast and easy programming.




SMD assembly machine Tescon Point-307

Tescon Point 307

Fast SMD assembly machine for high volume production. Machine has three placing heads. Its advantage is fast and precision SMD placing using both glue and reflow paste. We have many component feeders for assembling more complex PCBs.



Solder wave ERSA EST350

Ersa EST303

Ersa EST350 is solder wave modificated for soldering with both Pb and Pb-free alloy. Machine has foam fluxer, two preheaters, one IR-hot air heater and two solder baths with Pb and Pb-free alloy. Pb-free part has installed nitrogen atmosphere covering.



Solder station Hakko


For manual soldering and repairing after wave soldering we have solder stations Hakko. These stations are intended for Pb-free soldering.



Cable cutting and stripping machine

Intercord AS22

Automatic machine for cutting and stripping cables.




Component legs forming jig BJZ

Cutting tools

Manual jig for cutting and forming THT components legs.




Turning machine

Turning machine

Turning machine for metal turning. Under reconstruction.