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Customer electronics production

We offer customer electronics manufacturing.

We can provide for you low-volume and high-volume electronics production including PCB, components and other material supply, PCB assembly, soldering, setting, final assembly, printing, boxes modification using CNC milling machine, etc.

For SMD assembly we have machines Heeb and Tescon, which covers requirements for diversity and volume production from samples and testing series to high-volume production.

Thru-hole components we assembly manual, for forming we have forming machine.

Assembled PCBs we solder by reflow process in Ersa owen, or in soldering wave Ersa, which was modificated for Pb and Pb-free soldering process. Pb-free part of machine has a nitrogen atmosphere cover.

For manual soldering we use Hakko soldering station, which meets requirements for Pb free technology.

We have automatic machine for cable cutting and stripping Intercord AS22. Also we have presses for crimping, solder baths for cable soldering, many hand pliers for low-volume production, etc.

For your production, we can make jigs, special machines and testers for effective and high-quality production of your parts.

Final product design is important part of production, and we can offer you padprinting technology with Tampoprint machine for the best look of your products.